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The Scott Amendola Trio cd release West Coast tour hits the road starting Saturday, October 23rd in Los Angeles at the Blue Whale. Yoshi's East Oct. 25th and onward! shows


Excellent so very awesome Peaceful Pear is a bit slow on the upload but once running you will love it, really! Yay! Performed by Sammy from UV, SF

Absolutely Awesome Bicycles! East Coast West Coast Bike Stuff holiday episode. Mission Sk8boards and Pushbike promote happy times and beautiful activities. Mohammed O'Looney wishes the best for all. Vito runs where others walk. Lenny, Mielle and Lucien meet up with the Paparazzi at West Oakland Bart. Honey and the SFBB are always happy to see their friend Butters. Jet is a hot DJ and a great lady. Louis and Wesley are quite friendly with the Norks. Dorien and Neil make friends at the Panhandle. Rampage likes many things. Hightower befriends cyclists every day and their cycler fans. Everyone knows that The Hightower rocker bicyclists cyclocross city sweeps ride for change, free EB in the LH and EYISFSF campaigns. Distance from Shelter, Max Rad, and Tribe of Shadows rocked at the SFBB show. Molten Grog, Charbo and Chump's van had trick switch but a few hits luckily ripped on the B.A.U. W. e-satlive interdata stream. Bubby shares a few well wishes. Stacy loves her blue bike. Kelly loves to dance to the Ramones. Kerry works very hard for the loveliness at the Cafe du Nord. The fabulous Moore sisters dance to Harry and Isa's special song.
The fabulous yard sale at 30th Avenue at Vicente features compressors, power saws and bike needs. Many a special guest grace this special episode: Howard, Momo, Aubrey, Michelle, Mike Alpicelli, Piston, Mellow, Miriam, Dan, Shea, Billie and Johnny, Susie and Max, Betsey, Jay, Freewheel, Sammy, Mrs. Baby, Tony, LSid, SFBB, Bluejay, Andy Thornley, and ... maybe even you!

The San Francisco Bicycle Ballet Enchante´ was fabulous! Thanks for joining us on Friday, November 20th. Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm $8 Dogpatch Saloon: 2496 3rd Street at 22nd! Excellent Musicians with Amazing sounds: Molten Grog, Charbo, Chump from L.A., Raymus, Distance from Shelter, Max Rad, Tribe of Shadows, Artist Malcolm Drake, and Lenny Gonzalez on Cello. Special Guests every hour on the hour. Excellent times. Catered by: What's in My Mouth?We Ride for You! All weather, Just for You! Yes to a Lovely Night at the The Enchante´ !e sammy spotlight!


Please join Bicycles! East Coast West Coast Bike Stuff this Saturday, November 7th on Channel 29 at Noon. Stacy enjoys her bike because she just likes to ride it. Vito takes a tour of Freewheel in the Hayes Ashbury. Mohammed O'Looney is delighted that the San Francisco Bicycle Ballet turns 13 years old this month. Oscar promotes Mission Sk8boards and Pushbike to adventure cyclists looking to hip it up a notch. The SFBMA has a messenger reunion. Sephffy loves to see her old friends. The F.E.B.A.E.Y.II.T.L.H. Crew hit it big at the cyclosweeps hockey challenge. Casey show his awesome Plemons straps. Charles Youel, Art Crank Curator and Artist, takes a moment to say hi in the middle of his incredibly popular Art Crank SF show at Chrome. The SFBB is rehearsing deeply for the Enchanté on Nov. 20th. Lenny practices his lovely cello. Many a special guest grace this special episode: Jen Zen, Xander, Rev. Jim, Bruce, Pushbike, Nice Tim, Beth Berenson, Lee and Olivier, Peter, Christopher, Howard, Momo, Aubrey, Michelle, Creekside Smokehouse, Goofball, Box Dog Bikes, Dorien, Fox, Betsey, Mike Alpicelli, Piston, Jay, Freewheel, Sammy, Mrs. Baby, Tony, LSid, SFBB, SFBMA, Andy Thornley, and ... maybe even you! live stream: http://www.bavc.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1881&Itemid=1801

Art Crank!
Featuring Awesome SF Artists' Bicycle Art
Saturday, October 24
th, 2009

And on the East Coast: Nelson's Electric Chaircut at the
WFMU record Fair: Manhattan's Metropolitan Pavilion,
125 West 18th Street
Sunday,October 25, 12-4 pm, next to Booth R10

Please join Bicycles! East Coast West Coast Bike Stuff. Lenny Gonzalez shares a few thoughts in between awesome typhoon sweeps and photoshoots. The SFBMA celebrates 10/9 day. Everyone is looking forward to the Little Yellow Perfect set. CJ OD has a schwinn collection. Bluejay checks in daily with news, treats and opinions. Greg Rodgers, filmmaker, bicycle mechanic and super cycler, enjoys a cup. Stacy is busy with Noise Pop's Treasure Island Festival. She likes to ride her beautiful new bike whenever she gets a chance. Honey McMoney celebrates his birthday on his back patio. Mary Brown, dressed in business casual, glides gracefully down Market Street. Dorien delights SF with her upcoming West Coast relocation. Hightower has a new cd out. The San Francisco Bicycle Ballet rides for you November 2oth. Many a special guest grace this special episode: Pushbike, Howard, Momo, Aubrey, Michelle, Mike Alpicelli, Piston, King Froggy, Drew, Kinto, Kitten Calfee, Freewheel, Sammy, Mrs. Baby, Tony, LSid, SFBB, Casey, Anthony, Andy Thornley, and ... maybe even you!12:00 PM Bicycles: East Coast West Coast Bike Stuff: October 3rd, 2009 00:26:33 Sun Oct 04 04:00:00 AM PDT 2009 live stream: http://www.bavc.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1881&Itemid=1801

Nelson's Electric Chaircut Sunday September 27th 2-6pm at the walkway under the Manhattan Bridge Pearl St. and Water St. DUMBO Brooklyn

Nelson’s Electric Chaircut is an interactive, electro-sonic, hair cut performance.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH at the Cafe Du Nord


Show: 8:00PM

Doors: 7:00PM

Door: $15.00

Ages:  21+

Scott Amendola Trio and more